Internet of Things

We have helped shape the strategy of many IoT Market Leaders. We have hands-on experience in the planning and executing the digital transition companies need to make to deploy and manage connected products and services.

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Data Analytics

Analytics is becoming a competitive imperative, but building analytical capabilities takes time. We can partner with you to provide the data science and analytics support you need to move at the speed of digital.

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Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally change how business is conducted. Some analyst estimate that up to 47% of occupations will leverage or be impacted by AI. We create innovative solutions that combine business experience and data science.

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Digital Transformation

While there are hurdles to becoming a data driven enterprise -- extending from device to board room -- new entrants, nimble competitors, and technology giants are not letting legacy issues slow them. They are focused on building a future of interconnected products and services before someone else does!

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Business Optimization and Transformation
Leveraging Digital with Customers, Products, and Operations

Digital Strategy

Digitization is accelerating and enterprise ”clock speeds” will need to increase to support the agility that digital requires. We help companies define and execute IoT, Analytics, and AI Strategies.

Digital Innovation

Digital demands new innovation models and new agile management practices. For many companies the shift to digital and the increasing importance of software can challenge traditional innovation. We can help you decrease your time to market and increase your digital revenue.


Analytics Driven Insights

Data is becoming your most important asset. Choosing the right data to draw your insights from can be challenging. We help companies capture value, build scale and fully operationalizing the use of analytics.

AI Enabled Business

We are in the early days of AI enabled business. As we go forward enterprises will increasingly depend on analytics and insights to deliver business outcomes. We foresee radically new business models emerging that set new standards for capital and operational efficiency.

Connecting Customers, Products, and Operations

We help you move rapidly from Pilots to Operational Results

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Digitizing the Physical World

The first wave of digitization focused on consumers, marketing and sales. The rapid emergence of enterprise IoT is driving digitization into products and processes. By digitizing the physical world we are enabling new, highly disruptive, business models.

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Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Connecting customers, products and processes will get you to the starting line. Real, transformational, value comes from effectively leveraging these new data sources to drive real business results. The shift to digital has significant implications for employment, value creation, financial and market performance. Digital innovators understand the impact AI can have on a business, digital laggards will struggle to keep up.

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Building the Data Driven Enterprise

Our cross-functional team works with you to leverage digital to create outcome-based relationships, connected products and digital operations. We bring the business strategy, operational expertise, and AI capabilities needed to move rapidly from analysis to action!

Connected Products and Services

Platform-based, disruptive digital strategies have the potential to change entire industries. The key to winning with digital innovation is effectively leveraging platforms to build ecosystems. The unconnected business will lack the tools necessary to gain visibility and directly influence critical business drivers - undermining their ability to compete effectively.

Digital Innovation

Analytics and Machine Learning

The combination of IoT, Analytics, and Machine Learning will usher in a new industrial revolution and fundamentally redefine how businesses operate. Connected businesses will shift from tracking core transactions to actively influencing events, activities, and processes that lead to improved transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturing and Supply Chains

Digitization of global supply chains will increasingly disrupt traditional paths to market. Market leaders are shifting from traditional use of historical data to proactive, market sensing models. Supply chains will leverage new forms of pattern recognition, automation and learning systems built on real-time data from sensors.

Digital Operations

Logistics and Distribribution

The global logistics market is large, multi-tiered and highly fragmented. The use of robotics, driverless trucking, and drone services are game-changing disruptors -- when combined with emerging transportation marketplaces -- they have the potential to upend the global Logistics and Distribution market.

Global Visibility

Go-to-Market Strategies

Market leaders are shifting from transaction-based to outcome-based models to radically change how they engage with customers. In addition, competitive pressures will demand that go-to-market strategies address platforms, ecosystems, data, and monetization. Digital will increasingly blur competitive boundaries.

Marketing and Sales

Customer Service and Support

Success in connected business requires deeper engagement and enhanced value propositions for customers. Digital clock speeds will require task simplification, restructuring and digitization to enable an enterprise to achieve “continuous, fluid, and transparent engagement” that customers are coming to expect.

Pre and Post Sales Support

Advisory Services

We combine strategy, operations, and analytics expertise to help you in each step of your digital journey.

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Executive Workshops

We provide on-site, executive workshops that are tailored to your specific needs. We offer 1 to 2 day workshops for executive teams and boards to get you up to speed on IoT, Analytics and Machine Learning. We help executive teams understand the changes that digital is bringing to products, process and business models. The learnings gained from a digital workshop will enhance your team's understanding and accelerate your digital initiatives.

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Start Small, Iterate Fast

Our rapid assessment offering can focus on your customers, products or operations to develop an initial perspective on how the company could be transformed through digitization. We can help you layout a roadmap and develop the ROI to expand from pilot into commercial services. We have also found that a proof of concept is all many executive teams need to accelerate thier digital vision.

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Data Science On Demand

Digital is a competitive imperative. For many companies it is a challenge to find the resources to compete effectively. We can partner with you to provide the support you need to move at the speed of digital. Our support can range from focused analysis on a specific issue to ongoing on-demand analytics capabilities.

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IoT and Analytics Strategy

IoT and Business Analytics are quickly becoming critical elements for all leading business strategies. Our analytics experts can help you craft and execute a comprehensive data strategy. The volume of data that companies are beginning to produce is reaching the point that Machine Learning must also be leveraged to effectively access the available information.

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Marketing, Sales, and Service

Digital is being embedded into all business functions. Digital companies earn 10 times more per employee than traditional companies, achieve higher growth rates, and improved margins. The implication is that competitive pressures will demand effective market strategies to ensure optimal positioning. We can help you assess digital markets and refine your go-to-market strategies.

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Manufacturing and Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains are entering a period of significant change and instability due to shifting market forces. Each step in the supply chain - manufacturing, shipping, distribution, warehousing, delivery and after-market support - is undergoing the early stages of digital transformation. This transformation also extends to the workforce and understanding the potential for job automation will help an enterprise manage more effectively.

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Digital Innovation and DevOps

IoT and Analytics are driving a major inflection point in product design -- changing how value will be created and realized. The transition from a traditional product company to offering connected services requires a significant shift in how products are developed and delivered. We can help create an effective digital innovation process.

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Platform and Ecosystems Strategy

Ecosystems strategies need to align the company’s interests with select partners, suppliers, customers, and others with the goal of gaining deeper engagement and enhanced value propositions. Leading companies are also focusing on defining and executing on clear platform strategies that can be scaled and extended. We have helped a number of leading companies develop both Platform and Ecosystem strategies.

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Private Equity and M&A

IoT and Analytics related M&A has risen rapidly over the last two years driven by companies looking to digital as a way forward in global markets. Any company with the strategic intent of being an data driven enterprise over the next 10 years does not have an option to ignore this market. Many PE firms recognize and are acting on the digital arbitrage opportunity. We can help with strategy, dilegence, and integration.

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CXO Digital Advisory

Companies face both business and technology challenges in deploying IoT and Analytics solutions. Many business executives have difficulty understanding the ROI and how to effectively integrate digital into business processes. Many technology executives face challenges effectively leveraging and integrating, sensors and analytics into end-to-end solutions. We bring our experience in working with leading digital innovators to assist you in guiding your organization.

About Us

Our firm brings together a unique combination of skills - Business Strategy, Operations, Analytics, and Machine Learning to create innovative solutions that deliver business results. Our team has helped companies like GE, Bosch, Tyco, Google, and Facebook along their digital journeys. We work collaboratively to address your most challenging and complex customer, product, and operating issues.

Frank Burkitt

CEO and Founder

"Humanity has arrived at a critical threshold in the evolution of computing...[it] is just now hitting a tipping point. The arrival of the “Internet of Things” represents a transformative shift for the economy, similar to the introduction of the PC itself."


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